What is family therapy?

“Family therapy can help those in close relationships to better understand and support each other. It enables family members to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build on family strengths, and work together to make useful changes in their relationships and their lives. Every family is a bit like a human body.

Sometimes it feels great, and things work well. Sometimes even small things can feel like a huge challenge. When we hurt one part of our body, every part can be affected in some way. But all the parts of the body can work together to help if a bone gets broken, or if there’s an infection. So family therapy helps family members to work together when something is hurting, or just feeling out of sorts.” - AFT, The Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

Our aim is to help family members:

Better understand how the family functions
Identify the strengths of the family
Set goals and resolve issues
Improve communication skills
Make the family unit stronger
Help the family to be happier

Who we see:


Typical issues:

Conflict between family members
Illness and disabilities of a loved one
Sibling relationships
Grief and loss
Divorce, separation and stepfamilies
Parenting children with special needs
Depression, stress, anxiety or panic attacks

Testimonial: I remember the day I called on Evonne. It was a random choice from Google, this choice turned out to be one of the best I have made. It must be her kindness, I feel relaxed just being in the studio and talking to her and I always walk out feeling lighter and happier. She listens patiently, she is professional in her advice while she makes sure I am comfortable to carry on the conversation.

We work with a variety of issues that may not be listed above. Please contact us on 90749912 or evonne@reconnect.com.sg to discuss your needs and possible treatment with no obligation.
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