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Claudette Jordan

Counselling Psychologist
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Claudette has extensive experience assisting children, adults, couples and families experiencing various life and mental health challenges such as mood and anxiety disorders, stress, trauma, grief and loss, addiction, adjustment, sleep difficulties, self esteem and identity, relational dynamics, marriage preparation, divorce support, terminal and chronic medical conditions. She also supported the specialist and psychiatric staff at various general hospitals and at the local psychiatric hospital in her home town.

Alongside her private practice, Claudette spent over a decade as part of multidisciplinary teams in special needs schools, and assessment and therapy centers for children and adolescents where she provided individual and group psychotherapy, educational and emotional assessments, career guidance, parent and family counseling as well as psychoeducational workshops for parents, teachers and allied health workers.

Claudette has held a vision to facilitate a mental health culture of “wellness” rather than “illness” and has a keen interest in root cause medicine. As such, she completed a certification from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (USA) in affiliation with the Institute for Functional Medicine. She provides individual, partner and group health coaching based on the conceptualization of each person being a unique combination of their historical contexts, medical, psychological and spiritual experiences and seeks to go after the root cause of an individual’s presentation rather than merely addressing symptoms. She is also a Licensed HeartMath Coach with the HeartMath Institute and is able to offer her clients unique stress management and resilience building tools to address and prevent stress.

Claudette is also passionate about facilitating a corporate culture that promotes the healthy mental well being of it’s employees for optimal productivity and business growth and has provided employee wellness services and psycho-educational workshops for large corporates and smaller enterprises.

Apart from her diverse clinical background, being an expat herself, a working mom, in a healthy multi-cultural marriage and overcoming some of her own health issues, Claudette understands first hand how various life challenges and contexts can impact one’s mental well being. She aims to create a safe and conducive space where clients can face their challenges and find strategies that lead to a greater sense of wholeness, healing, optimal health and freedom. She loves to see people succeed at embracing their authentic selves and finding peace with where they have come from and how it has impacted their lives and well-being. Her approach is eclectic and client-centred, dependent on each of her client’s unique needs and goals.

Claudette loves walks in nature, crafting, cooking nutritious meals and connecting with her loved ones.

Master of Social Science – Counselling Psychology (SA)
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach – FMCA (USA)
Licensed HealthMath Coach – HeartMath Institute (USA)

Approaches used:
Attachment Based Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Narrative Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Positive Psychology

What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching?

Written by Claudette Jordan, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Counselling Psychologist

Who is a Health Coach and why do you need one?
Do you find it easy to set goals, but difficult to initiate, sustain or achieve them? Or are you one of the many people who know exactly what you would like to achieve, you know what to do but you lack the tools to get there? Most people try to rely on one-size-fits-all plans and products only to realize that they are not designed to last. You are not alone!

Change is hard!! The majority of us have great information, we often know what to do, but we just don’t know how to change, or what gets us stuck, what to shift and how to sustain those shifts.

A health coach is a behaviour change specialist. Dr Chris Kresser describes a well-trained Health Coach as a “Behavior Change Ninja”.

A functional medicine health coach is well versed with knowledge about nutrition, movement, lifestyle, and the unique impact that each of these elements has on your mental, emotional, and general health and wellbeing. However, their understanding of the interplay of all these elements for your health does not limit them to just being able to equip you with good knowledge. Change requires more than just good information. More significantly, a functional medicine health coach has expertise in human behaviour, motivation, and is equipped with cutting edge, science-based behaviour change methods. Claudette’s additional knowledge of and expertise from her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology together with over twenty years of practice as a psychologist have brought an additional wealth of skill in providing empathy and support to the client-coach relationship. She understand how habits are formed, how to shift these and has the skills as well as practical tools and techniques to help you overcome the barriers and obstacles that hold you back so that you can achieve consistency and lasting transformation.

How does the client-coach relationship work?

Armed with the tools of behavior change and motivation, together with the functional medicine principles in whole person healing aimed at going after the root cause of your challenge, not just addressing symptoms your health coach will come alongside you to bridge the gap and help you develop new habits to effect lasting change.

The power of health coaching lies in not going after the latest eating or fitness trends but about helping you discover what works for you by harnessing your own inner wisdom, resources, character strengths and motivation and helping you to develop your unique strategies to sustain change.

It is a partnership and together we co-create goals and action plans – helping you to initiate achievable steps for you, evaluate their effectiveness, providing inspiration and encouragement to overcome obstacles and challenges and holding you accountable along the journey. Above all, your health coach is an understanding, supportive and nonjudgmental ally and cheerleader throughout your process.

All coaching sessions can be conducted online as well making it more accessible anywhere around the world. You can be empowered to alter the course of your life and your health today. Book a free 20 minute virtual discovery call now.