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Culture and reflexivity: systemic journeys with a British Chinese family

This paper describes a reflective space created between two Singaporean Chinese systemic psychotherapists and a British Chinese family - the Chans. The family attended the Marlborough Cultural Therapy...

Some fans struggle with Jonghyun's death

In the wake of K-pop boyband Shinee's lead singer Kim Jong Hyun's suicide, many fans have taken to social media to share their grief. Some have even allegedly harmed themselves. In Thailand, The Nation reported there was an unconfirmed report of a suicide as...

Let children feel safe to talk about their feelings

The news of the tragic suicide of K-pop star Kim Jong Hyun has deeply affected many young people around the world ( 27-year-old lead singer of K-pop act SHINee dies; Dec 19)

Passionate Person - Family Therapist Evonne Lek

I interviewed Evonne Lek who is a dedicated family therapist who left public service so as to better serve her clients. 1) What do you do? I am a family therapist, more specifically a systemic psychotherapist. I help couples, families, parents and individuals resolve their relationship issues.

Book review: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Worky

As a marriage counsellor, I think it's important to review and recommend books that can help couples who are struggling. John Gottman's The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is very useful for helping couples work through their problems. It's easy to read, it has some great advice, and it also has questionnaires and practical exercises that couples can work on together.

Your attachment style could be ruining your relationship, but you can change it

Many couples I see get caught up in conflict, but most do not realise that differences in how they are attached to one another play a big part in these conflicts. In psychology we call these different types of 'attachment styles'.

Help children cope with their emotions

My letter to The Straits Times Forum, "Help children cope with emotions", was published online on 9/11/16. I wrote to the newspaper as I am deeply concerned about the level of distress that I see in young Singaporeans. Teenagers regularly contact me in distress and ask for help.

How connected are you to your child?

We depend on a trusting relationship with loved ones to enable us to venture into the uncertainty of the world. However, Western society used to advocate distant and detached parenting so that children became independent as soon as possible. This idea changed to acknowledge the importance of attachment, where a child needs ongoing, reassuring emotional connection with its parents.

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