Amber Lim
Clinical Psychologist

Availability: Thursdays, 10am - 6pm; some Saturdays
Qualifications: Master of Psychology (Clinical) (AU)


Adolescents, adults, parents & caregivers

Approaches used:

Cognitive behaviour therapy
Emotion-focused family therapy
Acceptance and commitment therapy
Dialectical behaviour therapy
Systemic family therapy


Registered psychologist (SRP)
SRP Approved Supervisor

Amber is a unique and highly competent clinical psychologist who works with individuals and families using a range of evidence-based approaches. In her work with individuals, she combines psychological theory with systemic thinking to help people reconnect with themselves and others. Amber is authentic, warm and collaborative in her approach. She believes a strong therapeutic rapport is an essential part of therapy.

Recovery can be hard when people feel lonely. Amber believes that the power of human relationships can alter people’s experiences of physical and emotional pain. She is interested in helping people cope with sleep problems, trauma, depression, anxiety and chronic illnesses.

Amber also understands the challenges that caregivers can face in supporting their loved ones through mental health challenges. She combines an understanding of mental health problems and caregiver struggles to help caregivers learn skills to support their loved ones and manage their mental health conditions.

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