Sessions & fees

Session times:
Appointments can be arranged to fit your schedule.
The earliest weekday appointment available is 8:30am and the latest is 7:30pm.
Saturday morning appointments are also available.
Please call 90749912 to arrange an appointment.

How many sessions are needed?
Family therapy generally need around six to 20 sessions for families to realise their strengths and find ways forward. For families and loved ones who are experiencing more complex difficulties however, further sessions may be needed. Each session can last between 60 to 90 minutes, and intervals between each one depends on the problems being addressed, the stage of treatment and the needs of family members. We will mutually agree and collaborate the approach used and the number of sessions.

What happens during a family session?
The therapist might invite you to bring a family member or someone close to you to your first session. Individual sessions might be suggested to supplement family meetings. The therapist aims to adopt a non-blaming approach and will not take sides. She will engage each family member to share their understanding and views of each other. By giving everyone an opportunity to contribute and discuss, family therapy will enable family members to explore ways forward as a unit.

Please call 90749912 to discuss fees.

Fees are payable by cheque, cash or bank transfer and should be paid in full at the end of each session. For those who wish to receive therapy but have financial difficulties, we are willing to consider a reduction of fees on a sliding-scale. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Packages are available for those who are committed to regular therapy (package must be paid in advance).

Please contact us on 90749912 or to discuss your needs and possible treatment with no obligation.

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